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Insurance for drivers

Your safety is our top priority. When you hire a car with RideLink you can rest assured that each vehicle comes with comprehensive insurance which offers to cover loss and damage in case of an accident, so you can drive with peace-of-mind and enjoy the journey.

Civil and third party liability

Allianz covers civil and third party liability ensuring 100% of statutory bail, court costs or compensation to others; 100% up to the amount of £5,000,000 compensation in respect of any other insured vehicles

Damage to the vehicle

Allianz comprehensive insurance covers the cost of expert opinion and the cost of replacing a damaged vehicle or its parts; in addition, it covers the cost of repairs to damage on the vehicle caused by yourself (without purpose) or third party.

Theft and Fire

In the case of total loss, Allianz will pay the value of the vehicle and it's accessories if the vehicle is new and was registered less than 6 months ago or will pay the current market value if the initial first registration was more than 6 months ago.

Experienced Drivers

The vehicles available for hire on RideLink are privately owned cars, so we're looking experienced and responsible drivers only. You must be at 21 years or older with at least 24 months driving experience.

Use Of Vehicle

All rentals must be for private and personal use only, under no circumstances can drivers use a RideLink vehicle for commercial use.

Beyond Borders

Drive securely throughout the UK and beyond. You will have comprehensive coverage throughout Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands and any other member country of the European Union; in addition to Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. Rent great value cars safely and securely.

Rent great value cars safely and securely

FAQs about Insurance

What do I do if the car breaks down or you have an incident?

After putting all the means at your disposal to mitigate the consequences of the incident and cooperate if other parties are involved to minimise damage; you must call the emergency assistance number that appears on your rental agreement, our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will send the appropriate service and recommend how to proceed with the owner of the car and the payment of the excess, if necessary. 

Do you offer roadside assistance services?

We offer roadside assistance with the RAC to ensure that your vehicle will not be without assistance. These services include 24-hour call and towing to the nearest repair of accident/breakdown, vehicle or home. The emergency assistance numbers are in the rental agreement and the rent confirmation email.

Under what circumstances could a driver lose insurance coverage?

If you lie on any of the conditions specified in the requirements to rent a RideLink car, our insurance will not cover you and you will be liable to pay all costs of repairs resulting from an incident.

What excess will I pay if I am responsible for an accident?

If you are responsible for damage to the vehicle resulting from an accident, you will be liable to pay all or part of the insurance excess; up to £750.  We retain the drivers credit/debit card used to make the booking and will only charge it if the damage report confirms the drivers responsibility. In the case the driver is found not to be responsible, Allianz will help recover the excess from the other driver’s insurance company.

 Should I keep the rental agreement after the rental has ended?

We recommend saving the rental agreement for three months. It will help us manage any incidents that may occur after the rental period, for example,  disputing any fines or additional fees.

Can I rent a vehicle from family members (including spouses) or members of the household via RideLink?

Due to security reasons, Allianz insurance policy does not allow rentals to be made for family or household members.

For more information about Insurance during the rental period, please visit our help centre....

Or own a car, thinking about listing it and want to find out more information about insurance for car owners? Click here!

Check our policy

Download the detailed conditions of our custom insurance policy with Allianz

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