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RideLink is a peer to peer car rental online community present at an international level, currently operating in the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany. We allow car owners to safely rent out their idle cars to local people that need them, providing a better, more intelligent, sustainable, and comfortable alternative to car ownership. RideLink is part of the sharing economy along with other services like Airbnb or Trip4Real. We believe this model, which proposes access over ownership, is more efficient, social and sustainable.

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You can find images on our Flickr profile here, and a How it Works video along with other on our Youtube channel here.

What they say about is in the news


20th April 2017. "RideLink is to automobiles what Airbnb is to homes - we chat with the founders".
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London Live

10th November 2016. RideLink at the London Live morning show.

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15th August 2016. "Sick of rip off car rentals? RideLink is reinventing how to rent a vehicle".
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Crowdfund Insider

1st April 2017. "Airbnb of Cars RideLink Seeks £1 Million on Seedrs as It Prepares For Expansion".
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28th September 2016. "Tech Pitch: RideLink".
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Allianz UK Media

26th May 2016. "Allianz drives the way forward with RideLink".
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Exponential investor

16th May 2017. "Uber's transport vision is not the only one".
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21st September 2016. "How car owners can make £500 a week".
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This is Money

7th May 2016. “From spare rooms to cars: How to earn and save more by participating in the 'gig economy'”.
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