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How RideLink works
Car Hiring made simple

How RideLink Works

RideLink brings communities across the UK, Spain and Germany closer by enabling people to hire a variety of cars that are conveniently located and owned by private individuals.


For Renters

Choose from thousands of cars around you to hire all while being covered by a comprehensive Allianz insurance policy designed for P2P car rental.


For Car Owners

Car owners can list their car, set the dates and times they aren't using it and then rent it out to other people in the community helping them to offset the costs of car ownership. Owners are also protected by the same Allianz comprehensive insurance policy.



Register as a driver

Create a free account now and gain access to a great selection of cars in your area!



Collect the car

Contact the owner to agree a meeting point to collect the keys! You'll need to bring your driving licence and a copy of the rental agreement with you. The owner will check these documents at the key handover.


Search for your perfect car

Send rental requests to all cars that suit your needs. Car owners that have available vehicles will pre-approve your request.



You're covered under Allianz comprehensive insurance and will have access to 24-hour roadside assistance. Relax, drive, and enjoy your trip knowing you're protected!


Pay to confirm the rental

Pick the car you like the most from your list of requests that have been pre-approved by the owner, and pay to confirm the rental.


Return and review the car

After replacing the fuel you've used, return the car to its owner. Remember to leave a review about your rental experience and you are ready for your next rental!

FAQ for Renters

To be accepted as a renter you must be at least 21 years old and have had your licence for more than 24 months. Additional restrictions may apply for renters who are between 21 and 28 years old.

RideLink uses Allianz insurance company to insure your vehicle during your rentals. Our policy protects you against claims of personal and material damage that occur during the rental, as well as collisions and vehicle theft. Check out further information on the insurance policy page.

If you fail the requirements for renting a car on RideLink, our insurance will not cover you and you will have to cover all repair costs for damages. Click here for more details.

RideLink includes roadside assistance cover with every rental within the UK. This service includes a telephone line that is available 24/7 and towing of the vehicle either to the closest mechanic or to the owner's residence.

Cars are expensive to buy, expensive to maintain and depreciate in value over time. In fact, cars lose value faster than almost any other possession we own. RideLink provides a platform in which car owners can earn money with their vehicle safely and conveniently with complications, such as insurance covered. Joining the platform is free. We screen all renters and also give you control over who rents your car and when. Your earnings get deposited straight to your bank account.

For Car Owners


List your car

List your car for free. When listing your car, set your car's availability and price. Confirm which bank account you would like your earnings deposited in your account page.


Hand over the car

Give the renter a quick tour of your vehicle. Before handing over the vehicle, go over the checklist in the rental agreement, and sign it together.


Pre-approve booking requests

When receiving a booking request, you need to pre-approve within 24 hours. You always have control over who rents your car and when!




Your car is protected and covered under our comprehensive insurance. With 24-hour roadside assistance you can be rest assured that your car is safe.


Confirmation of the rental

When a renter chooses your car among their pre-approved requests and pays for the booking, the rental is confirmed. Agree on where to exchange the keys.


Collect your car and get paid

Pickup your car and check with the driver that the condition is the same as it was at the start of the rental. You will receive your earnings within 7 days of the rental completing.

FAQ for car owners

RideLink uses Allianz as its associated insurance company for insuring your vehicle while it's being rented out. Our policy protects you against personal and material damage claims that occur during the rental, as well as collisions and car theft. Check out our insurance policy page for more details.

Allianz comprehensive insurance policy will supersede your car insurance for the duration of the rental. In most cases this is not a problem, however some individual insurance policies, specifically ones that include telemetric devices to monitor your driving may be affected. If in doubt, check your underlying insurance policy.

Before any renter is accepted on RideLink they must prove their identity. This involves the renter providing RideLink with their full name, photo, telephone number, address, and how long they have had their driving licence. Renters who use our site must be older than 21 years of age and have a valid method of payment.

Yes, you can accept or reject any booking request. The RideLink platform allows you to check the renter’s profile so you can see if their licence has been verified by RideLink, as well as other additional information. Feel free to contact the renter to ask any questions not answered in their personal profile.

You will need to discuss with the renter and decide on a pickup location to hand over the keys. Remember to check the renter’s driver’s license and payment card match the rental agreement before handing over the keys.

RideLink takes 30% of the rental price as a car owner service fee. Most of this fee goes to cover the insurance which is included for the duration of the rental. The remaining 70% goes to the car owner.