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improved car rental process

We've improved the way you rent cars on RideLink

We hear you! At RideLink, our community is essential in all the decisions we make. Period. After listening to your feedback, we are excited to announce improvements to the way you book cars. The aim is to simplify the booking process for both the renter and car owner.

How rentals used to get booked

Up until now, the process involved the renter contacting the owner of each car they were interested in and waiting to hear back if the car was available or not. The owner would then respond, and if the car was available, the renter could then enter their payment details and make a booking request, which the owner would then have to either confirm or reject.

How do you book a car on RideLink now?



1. Broadcast Booking Requests:

 Instead of messaging cars individually, renters can now send a single message with their request to up to 10 different car owners simultaneously. Once you have selected one car, other similar cars will be suggested for you to also request.


2. Car owners pre-approve requests for the renter to choose from:

After receiving a request from a renter, owners can then pre-approve the request, if the dates work out. The renter can then choose from all of the pre-approved cars which one he/she wants to book.


3. Enter payment details and complete the booking:

 Once the renter has chosen their preferred car, they simply need to complete the payment to confirm the booking.

We want to make sure you have a great experience renting at RideLink so don’t forget to share your experience and pictures of your rental with the #ridelink

How does this new way of booking cars benefit our community?

Benefits for car owners

You get more rentals. In the past, it was time consuming for a renter to make multiple booking requests, so often renters only contacted one car owner. If their car wasn’t available or the car owner didn’t respond, the renter would often give up. Now, as renters are able to send multiple requests, we help showcase other cars to increase the chances of each renter making a booking. Although not every pre-approval will necessarily result in a rental, the volume of requests will be much higher leading to more rentals on average.

Owners may receive multiple booking requests for overlapping times, but it’s ok for them to pre-approve all of them! By pre-approving multiple requests, car owner will increase their chances of a successful rental. Whenever a renter makes payment to secure the booking, any overlapping pre-approval will automatically be cancelled.

Benefits for renters

The booking process will be faster. By sending your request to multiple cars in a single step, the likelihood of getting a positive response will be much higher! With multiple owners contacted, the speed at which you get a response it likely to be faster too.

Also, you won’t need to make payment until you already know the car owner has pre-approved and the rental is secured. Whenever a rental is confirmed, all your other concurrent booking requests you made will automatically cancelled.

New way of booking, same guarantees

All keypoints that made of RideLink a reliable and secure community, stay the same:

- Free to join.

- All rentals are protected with our comprehensive insurance from Allianz.

- 24/7 road assistance service.

- 24/7 emergency line direct to our support team.

- No hidden costs in fuel policy, mileage or insurance for renters.



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