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Travel Hacks

The top 10 travel blogs to get the best holiday ideas

Find inspiration to travel alone, as a couple or with the family with the 10 most inspiring blogs written by travellers.


Inspiration sometimes doesn't come along by itself. Those who love travelling often see the world as a place with infinite possibilities and places to uncover, and it can be difficult to decide on one destination or another! Read ahead to discover 10 of the best travel blogs around. Note to travelers: if after reading this post you want to get your backpack on your shoulders and quit everything, we won’t be held responsible!


Travel alone or with someone

The Travel Hack

This is what happens when a group of jet-setters with great writing skills and a lot of motivation come together from all over the world, to bring great content to you. The Travel Hack is now one of the world’s leading travel sites, providing information on top travel destinations and tips for those who travel on a budget but want to travel with style. For those who travel on weekends, they have a special section called ‘Weekenders’. Who said you can’t be a great traveler even if it’s only from Friday to Sunday?

Two Monkeys Travel Group

Jonathan Howe from the UK and Kach Medina from the Philippines met traveling in 2013 and have been traveling together ever since (and actually tied the knot!). They started Two Monkeys Travel when a friend told them that a blog could be a way to fund their travels. The blog is full of information about different destinations to get you inspired and travel resources tips. The knowledge of more than two years of traveling is crammed in to these quirky, colourful blog pages. They also have their own travel forum in the form of a group of facebook. You can join it here.

Picture: Two Monkeys Travel Group / Article: 15 Cool Things You Should Do in and around Belfast, Northern Ireland

Anywhere but London

Anywhere but London is an unusual travel blog that will allow you to discover places all around the UK, escaping the London clichés. Its author, Andrew Denton offers a personal insight in to the beauty and diversity of the UK landscape, accompanying his pictures with poetry verses from different authors.

Hey Nadine

Nadine’s Blog escapes all conventionality. Although she provides information on destinations and lifestyle, she does it in a very particular way: video and comedy. She defines herself as a travel vlogger, videographer, blogger and comedy youtuber, which soon becomes clear, as all her content carries a video with it! All her content is soaked with youthfulness and good humour. Check out her ‘Youtube’ account here.

Jacob James

Jacob James is a travel and cultural documentary photographer that lets us travel through the images of his portfolio. There’s no more text than the title of the pictures and the location where they were taken, but that’s enough. The ‘Faces’ section of his blog is outstanding. James is also an active photo educator and you can find some of his lessons written on posts in his website, on the ‘Tips’ section. An especially useful blog for those who not only like to travel, but are willing to learn about the art of photography, as well as for the believers of the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

Picture: Jacob James / Yangon, Myanmar

A Luxury Travel Blog

Traveling is not necessarily something you need to do with a backpack on your shoulders and on a budget. For those who enjoy a finer trip, A Luxury Travel Blog is a vital resource written by an expert of the travel industry: Dr. Paul Johnson. His blog has won the innovation prize in the travel awards from Wired, and focuses on providing information on luxurious hotels, resorts, restaurants and activities. It’s a great place to find inspiration for your next trip (Johnson writes articles from all over the world!)

A Lady in London

Julie Falconer is an expat Californian based in London, although she has already traveled to 102 different countries. Her blog features all subjects related to travel and lifestyle, serving as a guide for those who want to discover the most glamorous parts London. Falconer has written for magazines such as National Geographic and Time Out.

Picture: Julie Falconer / Post: Lady’s Week Sailing in the Scottish Hebrides

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is one of the top results returned when you search for ‘travel blog’ or a similar combination of words on Google. His fame is justified: his impeccable website is, a part from well designed and organized, full of tips and proposals of destinations, with really detailed practical information which makes a traveller’s life so much easier! Matt even provides guides that you can buy for a reasonable price in Amazon, and has embedded a forum in his website where the whole Nomadic Matt community of travellers can ask questions and help each other. Matt is specially known for the New York Times best-selling book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. 

Travel with family

Family Adventure Project

Stuart and Kristie, parents of three children, are the authors of a blog they describe in their own words as “a long term experiment in doing adventurous things together as a family”. Which, organized in different categories is what results in a blog full of ideas (that the family have tried out before!) on destinations, plans and insights. The uncommon section of Philosophy in their blog is full of interesting and thoughtful insights.

Picture: Family Adventure Project / Post: Galicia Seafood & Shellfishing

Mums Do Travel

UK based journalist and blogger Gretta Schifano is a mum who won’t give up traveling because of her kids, but really wants it to be a relaxing experience. Her blog is a compilation of interesting experiences, trips and tips which are intended for both parents and children to enjoy.

The RideLink Blog has discussed travelling in other blog posts. Don’t miss the interview with Sharing Roots, two French students that aim to travel around the world relying purely on sharing economy platforms for transport, food and sleep. Also, check out the 5 most romantic retreats to visit in the UK!




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