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The Ultimate #Lifehack apps to beat London's cost of living

This list of 10 mobile apps helps you make the most out of living in London city while bringing down the expenses related to the cost of living: transport, parking, insurance, workspace and a lot more.                                       

Living in London can be pretty expensive, that's why we came up with this awesome list of apps that you can take advantage of to reduce your living expenses and live in relative ease!

#1 JustPark

JustPark parking app

JustPark is a parking app that connects empty parking spots to car owners looking for a parking space in busy locations like airports, stadiums and business districts. With an average of 60% cheaper on-street parking prices, you defintely don't want to miss out on taking advantage of JustPark to find parking spots with relative ease at low cost or rent your empty parking space and generate some passive income.

#2 Vrumi


Vrumi let's you rent out your space for people to use as a workplace. It's a great way to make some money on the side if you have a cubicle like workstation available in your house.

#3 Guevara

Guevara peer to peer car insurance

Guevara is a peer to peer car insurance solution where you join a group of other drivers by pooling part of your premiums together and collectively save upto 50% when claims are low which usually is the case most often.

#4 Olio Exchange

Olio Food Exchange

Olio is looking to revolutionize the food sharing habits by connecting  your neighbors and yourself with nearby cafes and food shops so any additional food leftover can be shared among the community and reduce food being simply thrown away.

#5 weroom

weroom flastshare

Got a spare room? Weroom is a platform where you can list your room and find awesome flatmates from all around the world to share your home sweet home with.

#6 CareToShare


CareToShare is a more of general sharing platform where users can share their skills to benefit the community as a whole.

#7 DogBuddy


DogBuddy is a great way to share your love with the man's best friend and still make some money out of it. DogBuddy features a pretty impressive review system so users can take informed decisions when it comes to sitting their pet.

#8 Hassle


Hassle let's you do some cleaning work with the potential of earning up to £300 a week. With total flexibility on how, when and where you work, you get to plan when you work through Hassle.

#9 Dish Next Door

Dish Next Door

Dish Next Door is Airbnb for Food, if you have pretty good cooking skills, we recommend sharing your culinary expertise on Dish Next Door for people to try out your dishes and get paid for it!

#10 RideLink


Finally we would like to pitch RideLink, where car owners can rent out their cars when it's not being used with the whole renting process being insured by Allianz. As a community driven platform, we're looking to make travel an effortless experience.

As a car owner it's a great way to make money instead of keeping your car idle in the garage and meet new and interesting people!

Do you have any other app in mind? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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