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Idle Cars Need Love Too: RideLink's Lonely Hearts

Idle cars need love too! Check out some of loneliest cars

With Valentine’s day 2016 imminently approaching (and falling on a weekend), many couples have already formulated plans, and retailers are full to the brim with pink, rosey heart-shaped paraphernalia. Whether you fall in the category of avoiding this hallmark holiday, or you’ll be celebrating to your hearts content, spare a thought for all the poor idle cars we have listed on RideLink! Underused (and sometimes underappreciated), we reimagined our RideLink listings as ‘lonely hearts’. Why not take one of them out on a ‘date’ this weekend? Grab your better half, or some buddies and hit the open road. All RideLink rentals come with insurance and roadside assistance and start from just £15 per day.

Here are our best offerings:


#1 Ford Fiesta 5dr (2012)


UK’s best selling car searching for 5 passengers (room for their baggage too!), quick and quiet, drives with great-handling and balance.

An experience you wouldn’t get with a larger car or sedan.



#2 Audi ATT

Sleek, sophisticated Audi ATT looking for stylish couple or group of friends for weekend shopping trip.  In great shape, provides a brilliant smooth drive, great for motorways and long journeys and plenty of boot-space for all-important purchases.



#3 Renault Clio


As beautiful as an egyptian queen, Clio, a fantastic, small car seeks a mate and guarantees to put instantly put the va-va-voom back in your driving life! Great built-in sound system, air conditioning and power steering - but still economical on petrol, meaning you can splash the cash on more luxurious items!



#4 Bmw 3 Series


High-quality, classy, german saloon earning the nickname the “ultimate driving machine”, wants mature, responsible driver.  In return will provide high-quality driving experience without compromising on fuel efficiency, easy on the eyes, guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.  



#5 Mercedes CLK



Fun and friendly mid-sized luxury coupé, with a german heritage, well equipped with extra such as GPS air conditioning and reasonably spacious interior. Looking for a gadget savvy driver who will appreciate all its electronic extras.


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