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Instant car rental

Rent the car of your neighbour, now instantly

RideLink now allows you to rent a car from peers instantly without having to wait for pre-approval from the owner of the vehicle. Read on to discover all of the major new features this service provides!

To all RideLink users, you’ve asked and we’ve delivered. It’s time to show you the result! The majority of users who search for a car want immediacy: to have a car assured for their trip as soon as possible. And our most active car owners look to rent out their cars as frequently as possible.

Instant booking provides the solution to these two requirements. From now on, vehicles listed as an Instant Booking will automatically have their requests pre-approved by the owner. Therefore, the car owner's response time is eliminated completely, and the booking can be made immediately. Creating the quickest way to guarantee a car on the day you want it.

Cars offering Instant Booking are highlighted on the platform with a yellow lightning bolt on the box of the listing, and come with the same guarantees that RideLink offers for any other rental: comprehensive Allianz insurance and 24 hours roadside assistance.

How it works?

  1. Using the search bar, enter the location at which you would like to find a car. Then enter the dates of your intended trip.
  2. Click on a car that suits your preferences and offers Instant Booking.
  3. Check that the dates and the time of pickup and return of the car are correct and click on Instant Booking. The car is yours!

Your rental request will go through a quick validation process. Once it’s validated, the rental agreement will be sent to both owner and renter, with the phone number of both parties so you can agree on a place for the pickup and other details.

The advantages of Instant Booking

- You can rest, assured that you will have a car available for your trip instantly! Perfect for last minute requests.

- You avoid the waiting period that normally takes place during the exchange of messages before the confirmation of the rental.

- Car owners that offer their car on Instant Booking are, in general, our most active car owners, with more experience.

Are you a car owner and you’d like to offer Instant Booking?

Two months since the owners of RideLink started offering Instant Booking, results show that on average, vehicles offering the service, have been rented 5 more times than before.

These rentals come with the same security guarantees as a standard booking, because RideLink only authorises the automatic acceptance of rentals by drivers who meet the safety requirements set by us.

To sign up for Instant Booking, fill in this form.

Still don’t have your car listed on RideLink? Do it now for free!

Remember to keep your calendar updated! Instant bookings are accepted in accordance with the availability of your calendar, and last minute cancellations will be likely to have a negative impact on the renters plans.


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