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5 tips to help you earn more money with your RideLink listing

Read our top 5 proven tips to help you boost your rental requests and increase your earnings!

Just listed your car or thinking about listing your car on RideLink? Woohoo! Welcome to our community! But before you congratulate yourself on an awesome decision it’s worth bearing in mind that the quality of your listing is one of the biggest influencers in the total number of booking requests you receive.

Make sure you're on track to become a top earner by following these income-increasing tips to help your listing stand out in our marketplace.


#1 Let people know when your car is available and respond to all requests!

It sounds simple but, responding to all requests really makes a difference and lets drivers know that you are a trustworthy car owner.

If you get into the habit of responding straight away then you’re also more likely to attract last-minute bookings! Responding to incoming messages and requests promptly helps to boost the responsiveness rating displayed on your RideLink profile, which drivers tend to bear in mind when contacting car owners. Remember, you always have complete control so even if you decide not to rent your car out on one occasion, a quick answer helps our drivers to make other arrangements and keeps our community reliable and trustworthy.

You can also let drivers know exactly when your car is available by updating your calendar regularly. As car availability is factored in when drivers search for vehicles, updating your calendar regularly can avoid cancellations to last minute bookings.

Learn how to update your car’s availability here.


 #2 Spread the word!



Our kick-ass marketing team makes sure that your listing is in the perfect position to be discovered by eligible drivers who need a car! We are community driven car sharing platform and work really hard to bring car owners and renters together!  Did you know with a few simple tricks you too can become a fully fledged self-promoter?

Share your listing on social media with your family, friends and colleagues. Let people know that they can rent a car safely and quickly from someone they already know! Handy for those trips to Ikea where we all end up with Billy bookcase number sixteen and enough meatballs to last through the winter hibernation. To get your listing even further, you can ask family and friends to share it with their own social network.

Though, don't ignore the offline efforts,  in the age of digital you can still leverage the power of word of mouth to spread the news about your listing. Never ignore the most traditional way of spreading the news about a thing that you love. You can stick up posters at your local gym, or on your street with a short link to your listing, offer free accounts and you can even customise your link!


#3 Write a description worth reading!

Does your car have built-in sat nav or a great sound system? Let other people know!

Think of your car description as a CV for your car, if don’t list its special features, no one will hire it! We’re not looking for Shakespeare, so no need to write a sonnet (unless you really want to of course!) but be sure to include all the relevant information someone hiring a car would need. You can include specs like horsepower and vehicle weight if you know them but, make sure you include important information like where to collect the car if you provide delivery or parking and any extras that you include with your car.

The car description is an opportunity for you to inject your personality into your listing, so make it count!

We’re building a car-sharing community, so be personable and feel free to include any funny stories or memories you have about your car, any extra information that's personal will always make the renter feel more at ease when contacting you to request your car.


Sam B's VW Golf located in Brixton, South London. 


 #4 Get your car ready for its close-up.


 George L's Audi A4 located in London.

Although writing a decent description for your car vastly improves your listing, people who are looking to hire a vehicle tend to judge a book by its cover.

Make sure you include photographs of your car from the exterior and interior of the vehicle.  Make sure you  photograph your car in plenty of good daytime lighting, taking your surroundings into consideration. Try to go to a nearby place or street where there is a good background, free from other vehicles, carefully avoid that skip that’s been on your street forever because of number 14 greenhouse extension or other elements that take the focus away from your car.

Make sure the photos you do take are either horizontal or landscape shots as our website only supports these formats. To be personable and inspire trust, some car owners include a photograph of themselves with the vehicle. Include photographs of all the extras you mentioned in your car description, like a close-up picture of the trunk open to show how much space is available.

 If you’re feeling a bit lost, have a look at other car listings on the site and see what photos you think look the best to help you inspire the photos you want to take of your car.

#5 Price it right!



Is your rental price as competitive as it can be? A competitive rental price is our most important tip. 

We always recommend that you take the suggested price offered when you first register your car. This price is carefully calculated by our specialists and takes into consideration prices from traditional car rental companies and the average market value of your vehicle, this price should provide a competitive advantage to bring more bookings and returns to you. If you want to set your own rental price, that’s fine too, but make sure your price is fair.

Now be honest with yourself, you might have picked up your spouse on your very first date in that car, but the person renting it isn’t paying for nostalgia. You can also compare your rental price to other car owners easily. No need for detective work here, just use the search function on the RideLink homepage to see the other cars that are available in your location. You can then make a fair judgement on your own rental price.

If you lower your price, below that of other similar cars in your area, you can make more money by renting your car more frequently than if you had put a higher price but only had a rental once a month. Having more frequent bookings will also lead to more reviews, as people continue to hire your car, making your car more appealing to renters who take comfort in hearing other people’s experiences when choosing cars to rent. These reviews will continue to help your car listing stand out even if you choose to raise the price later.

Use some of these tips today and notice a difference. Use all of them and watch the booking requests pour in! 

One car owner did just that, meet Ijtaba and his Nissan Pixo, located in South London.


Ijtaba thought that because of his location, he wasn’t receiving many booking requests, but rental demand was not the problem. After taking a simple few steps to improve his listing, things dramatically changed: 

“Ansel, ( RideLink's Community Manager, responsible for onboarding new car owners) emailed me to let me know that I should decrease my rental price to bring more booking requests. The original price was £45, after lowering it to £25 within just a day I noticed a few messages enquiring about the availability of my car. The listing makeover didn’t stop there!  He recommended that I take photographs of my car and write a better description. The results have been so overwhelming, that if I accepted every request, I’d never see my car again! Sometimes I do feel bad rejecting requests if I need to use my car, but I know that RideLink can always find the person another vehicle. It's also been a great way to make an additional income and I’ve enjoyed meeting new people too"

 So there you have it! What are you waiting for? 

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