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Top 10 Airbnb listings you should visit around London with RideLink

Top 10 Airbnb listings you should visit around London with RideLink

See our top 10 Airbnb listings you should visit around London by hiring a car with RideLink.                                                                                                                  

1) Meon Springs Sheperd's Huts

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This lovely listing is located East Meon which is a 2 hour drive on the A3 from London and totally worth a visit for a relaxing weekend.

Recommended cars to hire for the drive - 

a) Ruhel's Honda Civic

b) Nicola's Toyota Aygo

c) Frank's Citroen C1

 d) Khyber's Mercedes C Class

e) Pete's BMW 1 Series M Sport

 f) Sen's BMW 5 Series


 2) Debbie's Rural Retreat near Winchester

This B&B is located close to Winchester and perfect is perfect for exploring the South England rural regions. The cottage can be reached via the M3 and takes roughly 1 hour and 40 mins to reach from the center of London.

Recommended cars to hire for the drive - 

a) Joe's Peugeot 307

b) Alex's Ford Focus

c)Gareth's Grand C-max

d) Stuart's Mazda Rx8

e) Paul's Porsche Cayenne

f) Alex's Volkswagen Polo


3) World Famous Abbey House

 Stay at one of the critically acclaimed properties! - The Abbey House is about 100 miles from London via the M4. We highly recommend putting this property on your checklist and spending some quality time at the property.

Recommended cars to hire for the drive - 

a) Thomas's Volkswagen Golf

b) Bobby's Mercedes E class

c) Mimmi's Toyota Prius

d) Mikhail's Mini Cooper

e) Tom's Volkswagen Polo

f) Alan's Hyundai Santa Fe


4) 46 feet yacht for rent in Southampton

Sailing in a yacht is definitely worth spending some quality time for an awesome experience. This 14 meters yacht can accommodate upto 12 people and totally worth spending some time with your friends sailing! Travel to Southampton takes around 2 hours from London via M3.

Recommended cars to hire for the drive -

a) Farabi's Citroen Ds4

 b) Frank's BMW 3 Series

c) Andrew's Porsche Cayenne

 d) Susanne's Toyota Avensis

 e) Seg's Vauxhall Corsa

 f) DJ's Ford Focus


5) Gordon's 37 feet Oceanis Yacht


Continuing with the yacht's to sail on, Gordon's 37 feet Oceanis Yacht is does an exemplary job of redefining sailing with a classic take. The Yacht is located in Port Hamble, Southampton which is only a 2 hour drive from London on the M3.

Recommended cars to hire for the drive - 

a) Albab's Ford Focus

b) Mohammed's Jaguar Xf Series

c) Andy's Range Rover

d) Raja's Toyota Verso

e) Laurent's Vauxhall Astra

f) George's Ford Fiesta


6) Re-live the 1960s!

Stay in Tracy's 1960's designed home for some fascinating experience of the relaxed atmosphere in East Sussex. The house sits within the historic town of Winchelsea if your looking to spend some time re-collecting some nostalgia of the previous decades.

Recommended cars to hire for the drive - 

a) Arul's Nissan Micra

b) Charly's Honda Jazz

c) Alex's Ford Galaxy

d) Sam's Audi A4 Cabriolet

e) Dagmar's Toyota Celica

f) Michael's BMW X3


7) Country House near  Sherborne

This lovely country house is located near Sherborne, with amazing views of the valley and the location is ideal for cycling and exploring the surrounding on a laid back holiday. Susie and Martyn's country house can be reached in around 3 hours via the M3 from London.

Recommended cars to hire for the drive - 

a) Solomon's Jaguar Xf Series

b) John's Ford Fusion

c) Mohammed's Seat Ibiza

d) Henry's Mercedes E Class

e) Christopher's Mazda 6

f) John's Ford Fusion


8) Countryside Cottage in Durweston

Lisa's cottage in Dorset looks like a house right out of the Lord of the Rings! With it's breathtaking surroundings, the cottage is perfect for enjoying a relaxing holiday right by the river Stour.

Recommended cars to hire for the drive - 

a) Henry's Citroen C1

b) Balamuralikrishnan's Renault Scenic

c) Oleg's Saab 9-3

d) Chris's Land Rover Discovery

e) Mark's BMW 5 series

f) Zuber's Audi A4


9) Emma's Barn in Winslade

This self contained barn in the countryside is perfect for cycling around the surroundings and exploring some breathtaking views. The barn can be reached in roughly 2 hours from London via M3.

Recommended cars for the drive - 

a) Perez's BMW 5 Series

b) Diogo's BMW 3 Series

c) Eric's BMW 6 Series

d) Oliver's Audi TT

e) Mukrram's Audi A4 Cabriolet

f) Jack's BMW 3 Series


10) Amazing Farmhouse close to Angles Way

This amazing farmhouse in Shipmeadow is located in a beautiful and secluded area close to the famous Angels Way. This long distance footpath is perfect for long walks around the area.

Recommended cars for the drive - 

a) Solomon's Maserati Ghibli

b) Chris's BMW 1 Series

c) Hoyin's Toyota Mr2

d) Daniel's Mini One

e) Iskan's BMW 1 Series

f) Alex's Land Rover Discovery Sport


Where do you plan to spend your weekends and holidays? Let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to search and check out more cars by visiting our homepage! -

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