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kids holding leaves
October Half Term Break Ideas For The Kids

The half term break in the UK is fast approaching and parents all over the country will be scratching their heads at what to do to keep their kids occupied.

A motorway through a city lit up at night
How the Internet of Things is Improving Driving

The future of driving is here. The Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly changing how we drive through smart technology.

ridelink reviews
RideLink Review: Why Our Car Owners Love RideLink

We reached out to our car owners to find out why they decided to use RideLink and why you should too!

Taking picture of football match
Rent a Champions League Footballers Car

Ever wish you could drive the kind of car that a Champions League Footballer owns? Well, it turns out that it may be easier than you thought with peer to peer car sharing!

man sharing car with 2 dogs
Myths About Car Sharing

In this blog we debunk five myths about car sharing that do the rounds on social media. 


student moving in
Let RideLink Help You Move In To University

Renting a car with RideLink could be the best solution to the stress of moving to university.